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  • Essential Oil Collection

    We have expanded our business over the years and not only do we sell clothes but now have a wide range of essential oils to choose from.

    Essential oils can be used for healing purposes in aromatherapy and are combinations of pure oils. They are used together to aid relaxation, insomnia, happiness general well being and energy, as well as being used for their fragrance.

    They can be used in oil burners or diffusers at night giving a beautiful relaxing feeling or can be added to a nice hot bath before bedtime to aid relaxation.


    Shake well and apply generously on wrists or back of neck as desired. As this product range is made of pure essential oil blends for those with sensitive skin we recommend to dilute with our base oils.

    Our essential oils are bought from primary sources and have been put through rigorous quality control. Our supplier has been sourcing and bottling essential oils for over 15 years and have over this time managed to weed out the unreliable suppies. Due to this we are confident that the essential oils we have are the best quality that can be bought on the market.


    We also aim to give customers value for money and offer a rewards system for those customers who return to us for repeated orders. All that needs to be done is register when purchasing and the website will do the rest.

  • Come and Visit us in Nantwich (unfortunately due to a house move we no longer have a shopbut still operate online)

    We are a family run business in the middle of Nantwich, a quaint little market town in the centre of Cheshire, approx. 20 miles south of Chester and 20 miles to the West of Stoke on Trent. Nantwich has plenty to offer, with a St Mary's Church occupying the centre of the town ,  The church is recorded in the National Heritage List for England as a designated Grade I listed building.[2] It has been called the "Cathedral of South Cheshire" and it is considered by some to be one of the finest medieval churches, not only in Cheshire, but in the whole of England.300px-The_Parish_Church_of_St__Mary,_Nantwich_(1) Continue reading

  • Exciting Times Ahead !

    As you may have noticed, we at Middletonwood are gradually expanding our website and now are offering our customers a large range of wedding acccessories from bridesmaid and best man gifts http://www.middletonwood.co.uk/accessories/bridesmaid-gifts.html  http://www.middletonwood.co.uk/accessories/best-man-gifts.html  to christening and baby shower gifts http://www.middletonwood.co.uk/accessories/baby-shower-and-christening-gifts.html

    Continue reading

  • Do's and Dont's of Shapewear

    It is soon to be the time where we eat drink and be merry, not to worry, all we need is some good shapewear to hold in all those wobbly bits.

    Shapewear when I was growing up was worn only by our middle aged mothers who were still struggling with post baby weight and yes the "dreaded middle age spread". Continue reading

  • Fashion Advice for Ladies with an Apple Shape.

    How many times have I heard " i cant find anything to fit me I'm a funny shape", to which my standard reply is 99% of us are a funny shape you just need to know the principles of what style suits our shape.

    Continue reading

  • Loyalty Reward Points

    Here at MiddletonWood not only do we like to give excellent customer service but we have now decided to reward all our customers by introducing a reward points scheme. Continue reading

  • Autumn/Winter 2015

    Our Autumn stock is now coming in fast and furious, and we have now only a small amount remaining to arrive. We are being kept busy unpacking, labelling, admiring, steaming and yes trying on our new stock. What a great job (someone has to do it :-) ) Our biggest problem is Continue reading

  • Godske

    The exciting news this Autumn is that we have 3 new brands joining our ever increasing stock, 2 of them are coming from the Godske group, Tia and Jorli.

    The Godske group now boasts 12 independent fashion brands, one of which we already have in stock, Kirsten Krog. They have their headquarters in Denmark but also have divisions in Germany, Latvia and the UK. Continue reading

  • Summer Sale !!


    Well its that time of year again ! We are now starting to make room for our new Autumn stock, I know its crazy isn't it, which will be arriving from the middle of next month so our fabulous Summer Sale has now officially started.

    Continue reading

  • Ann Balon

    One of my favourite brands is Ann Balon, one of the leading UK occasion wear labels.

    Ann Balon after a trip to the Amalfi Coast on the southern edge of Italy's Sorrentine Peninsular fell in love with the lace dresses typical of the region, with beautiful colours and sparkling applique.  It was after this trip that Ann became inspired to produce her own collection of dresses with a classic but timeless look using luxurious fabrics and exquisite Italian lace. Continue reading

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